Skull - Single Tone



Entirely handcrafted in Montreal, Canada. This Luenzo bracelet is made from natural stone beads, with detailed Hematite accents and signature Skull finish in Gold, Rose Gold, Gunmetal, or Silver.

Stone Properties:

Black Onyx:  Protection • Release • Calm

Bronzite:  Grounding • Protecting • Stabilizing

HematiteGrounding • Focus • Centering

Lapis Lazuli:  Truth • Awareness • Wisdom

Picture Jasper:  Nurturing • Stability • Deepens Connection To Earth

Purple Jasper:  Releasing Fear • Banishing Nightmares • Grounding

Red & Black Jade:  Stability • Motivation • Confidence

Snowflake:  Positivity • Purity • Balance

Tiger Eye:  Inspiration • Perspective • Good Luck

Turquoise:  Health • Protection • Wisdom

Stone Information:

Black Onyx: 

Country of Origin: Brazil


Country of Origin: India


Country of Origin: Brazil

Lapis Lazuli: 

Country of Origin: Afghanistan

Picture Jasper: 

Country of Origin: India

Purple Jasper:

Country of Origin: South Africa

Red & Black Jasper:

Country of Origin: Australia


Country of Origin: USA

Tiger Eye: 

Country of Origin: South Africa


Country of Origin: USA

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